The Language Lab

Multimedia resources and foreign languages
Monday 6 June 2011
by  Mairead FRAIRE

  • The ’language lab’ is a classroom with state of the art multimedia equipment and is linked to the school’s computer network. It is a place where pupils can take full advantage of new technology to learn languages.
  • Audio and Video documents are digitized into mp3 /mpeg format.
    - Thanks to the lab’s multimedia reader, pupils can work on audio and video independently and at their own pace. This gives them better practice in oral comprehension.
    - Many pupils see speaking a foreign language as a real chore! In our multimedia lab, they can record themselves on their individual machines, listen to a track again, work on a particular passage, correct themselves, re-record as many times as they wish, all at their own rhythm.
    - The teacher can then digitize the pupil’s work and can thus listen to it either in the lab or transfer it to a USB stick in order to assess the work more thoroughly later.
    Working in this way enables pupils to make rapid progress in their spoken language skills.
  • Internet access: in language classes, pupils can look things up on the internet, with or without the teacher’s help accordingly.
    The teacher can show a lesson plan or a task to carry out directly on the pupils’ computer screens.
    Websites can be accessed either freely or in a limited manner.
    Non- educational websites are automatically barred .
    To finish, lessons in our multimedia lab are far more interactive and make a pleasant addition to those in the school’s traditional classrooms.

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